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Bengt Jorgen Olsen

Gorm Krogh

Check out what these past workshop participants had to say: team is professional, up-to-date on technology trends and an honest partner that I can highly recommend to anyone who is looking for skilled software engineers. (...) All the team members are experienced specialists, so you always receive the highest quality together with the very good price.

What I appreciate most about our cooperation with is their ability to understand a business case. (...) Their communication skills, the technical expertise and reaction to challenges and obstacles are exceptional.’s role in developing our app is invaluable. They have helped us design and introduce multiple functionalities and make the app user friendly and look very modern.

Jakub Krajka


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Validating assumptions before spending big on product development saves you a lot of money in the long run.


When you validate, you learn as you go and iterate, ensuring that you are always keeping pace with the market.


Validation creates a culture of learning that helps your company prepare for challenges and avoid setbacks or disruptions.

The Benefits of Product Validation

Check out what our CEO had to say about validation after watching this video!

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Meet the team

Jarosław Pilarczyk

An entrepreneur, venture fund advisor, and perfectionist, Jaroslaw is experienced in the Scandinavian and CEE market and enjoys sharing his business knowledge with others.

An alumnus of the prestigious Startup Executive Academy in Salzburg, Maciej is a manager, business developer, and the founder of i.a. Parkanizer.

Described by clients as a "world-class business analyst" Przemyslaw has extensive experience analyzing and designing solutions for SaaS and business systems.


Maciej Lukas

Przemysław Machlowski



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As the head of's R&D unit, Marcin embraces technology, loves challenges and if there is a technical puzzle he can’t solve, he hasn’t found it.

A team of mobile tech wizards, Konrad and Dariusz enjoy working together to design and develop effective mobile software applications for our clients.

An IT project manager and agile coach, Tomasz is the guy to call when you need to hit important deadlines and make your software project happen fast.

Marcin Budny

Konrad Roj & Dariusz Sęk

Tomasz Woźniak




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UX team leader Anna has been certified with UX-PM level 2. She is a creative, outside the box thinker, as well as a Design teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts.

As a UX researcher, Natalia is passionate about service design and enjoys testing ideas and applications with users in order to find areas for improvement.

Anna Kamieniak


Natalia Pięta



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